The Bond of Shared Time – Vintage Dads & Lads Package

by bulang - Dec 24 2015
Curated Vintage Tudor Dads and Lads Package

At Bulang & Sons we are passionate about offering the very best products that will stand the test of time, affording you the opportunity to create your own legacy…vintage watches, beautiful guitars, furniture and high quality accessories. All these things will take on a life of their own as they accompany you on your journey through life. We often buy these investment-grade pieces with a view to passing them on to our children…the legacy!

Dads and Lads

To celebrate this life long bond we are offering the first in a line of ‘Father and Son’ packages of vintage watches. These packages are the opportunity to buy a brace of watches that can be the introduction to our passionate world of vintage watches to your son, nephew or little brother. Our aim is to offer two watches that compliment each other, watches that in their own right are quality timepieces but when worn together, share a theme and a bond between the wearers.

Follow the link for an insight into our idea and the full details of this package:

Curated Vintage Tudor Dads and Lads Package

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