Shades of Salmon

by bulang - Dec 01 2017

I could not resist to share with your the beauty of this trio of Salmon Color Dial watches i bought recently. I have been hunting on such beauties for a while now. As the demand for salmon dial vintage watches is very high and they are very rare, it has been quite a challenge. So here it is.. happy to share.



To start with i want to share this amazing Salmon dial Longines Calatrava with applied steel numerals. Super rare and such a comfortable size of 36 mm. It looks so much like the Patek 570 Pink dial, recently sold at the NYC Phillips auction. Selling at about 100K USD. But i am very happy with this poor mens version 😉

The bracelet is a original Gay Freres from the 40th.

Next up is also a Longines, Pointer Date. A bit higher case and with the cool extra hand. Also on a vintage Gay Freres bracelet.


Shades of Salmon with Longines Calatrava and Omega 33.3 chronograph


And the latest find is this amazing oversized 38 mm Omega cal. 33.3 chronograph, reference 987.  Big, bold and beautiful.



What a nice trio. Hunt is on for more… enjoy your watch journey’s and hope you all will find your dreams.

Bernhard Bulang