Rolex Oyster Date 6534 Serpico Y Laino

About this fine watch

Today we are happy to present you this rare Rolex Oyster 6534 with Serpico Y Laino dial.
And with todays revival of smaller watches this one is a great rare collectable example. It’s not a grail reference, its not an important collectors reference, but with the retailers signature and double name it’s a rare opportunity for sure.

Serpico Y Laino was a famous dealer in Caracas. And just like Tiffany they customized the watches they sold with their own name.

Follow the link for a very nice and detailed review on the Serpico y Laino history over at Rolex Passion Report >>>


Early watches like Chronographs, Gmt’s and Submariners with the Serpico Y Laino dial have fetched record prices the last years.
These 34 mm dress watches are also very rare but still affordable. The roulette date wheel enriches the over all appearance of this unique late 50s piece. The S&L Engraving is faded but still visible on the case back.
The watch was serviced in October 2015 by a watchmaker in Geneva.

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Model Ref.



ca. 1957 (2.2 serial)

Dial type

white dial Serpico Y Laino signed

Box and papers


Service Papers

papers from geneva watch maker


on request