Vintage Rolex 5512 ‘Steve McQueen’ (Sold)

About this fine watch

We at Bulang & Sons are proud to present you another great non date Submariner. The classic 5512 4-lines sub from 1967.

This is what we call the Steve McQueen submariner. As he has been wearing the reference 5512 as main watch. So follow mr. Cool and enjoy this pure classic design icon. Wear it with jeans or a suite. It will always fit.

The killer patina and great faded insert give this watch its great vintage look. Something no new watch can ever achieve in our opinion. It’s just a magical combination with the #19 super domed plexi on top. Well i guess the images speak for their own…

They get harder and harder to find. Just nice and sexy 5512 and 5513 Submariners. And this one is sexy for sure.

The case is fat and in great condition. Remember.. this watch is almost 50 years old! The dial has such an nice patina. All numbers are clearly visible. The movement is clean and the case shows a great condition for its age. The case back seems to be replaced in service and shows some service marks inside. Often done to keep this vintage watches in good function over those years.

To complete the looks we add some extra bonus to the watch. You will get one of the B&S handmade leather straps with the watch (any of the shop you choose), an handmade Oskar Gydell bracelet and an cool handmade watch roll from B&S/JP.

Hope you will enjoy our styling. As we love collecting lifestyle.

With every watch we sell .. we add a little notebook. Because we strongly belief the watches is being part of our personally story. So wright it down. And keep the watch on your path with you…

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Model Ref.



1967 (1.5XXXXX serial_)

Dial type

mtr's first matte dial with great patina

Box and papers


Service Papers



on request