Rolex 1680 Submariner Maxi Dial

About this fine watch

As a new watch is on its way to fill up my personal watch box i am selling this watch from my personal collection. Its my “go-to”-vintage beast for couple of years now…
The watch on many shots here at B&S.. the Submariner shown with the ghost bezel.
Sorry .. i will never sell the bezel. It’s with me for 10 years now.

But the watch you can have.

A nice 1680 maxi dial Submariner on a leather strap. I put a #19 supermodel on the watch so you get that cool 5512 Maxi Mk1 look plus a date.
I love that look.

The hands are just slightly lighter then the indexes, but the total is just a great look.
The inlay is a Rolex service inlay. The case is still fat and has seen some Bulang family holidays and visiting with friends. So you have some minor wear.

Just a perfect watch to join your daily lifestyle.

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Maxi dial

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