Rolex 1665 Double Red SeadWeller Mk4

About this fine watch

We at Bulang & Sons are proud to present you this nice vintage Rolex 1665 Double Red SeaDweller with an very sexy MK4 double red dial. The 1665 Seadweller is such a cool watch. Big, bulky, pure tool watch style.
And this one is a real nice example. Dial without chips, great patina and a nice case. Just as you like them. Without being a safe queen. Just wear it and enjoy that masculine look.
This watch comes from 1977. 5.05XXXX serial as should be for an MK4 DRSD. And all the details you want are there. Serialnumber in the case back, straight logo on the case back.

The minute hand shows a different patina. But on the wrist it ain’t a very visible difference. The rest is matching and looks great.

But we added some more fun. Like a cool watch roll, a Oskar Gydell bracelet and a B&S pouch. All handmade items. Created with passion and care.

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Model Ref.

1665 Double Red SeadWeller



Dial type

MK4 double red with great patina

Box and papers


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