“Curated” 1803 Day-Date Woman Preppy Style (SOLD)
White Gold

Here we have a killer look Curated Package for all the ladies. Ladies who want to spoil them selfs. You deserve it! Or for the guys who want to show their affection. Whatever reason… this one is for you.
Get a lot of style and love in our Curated Package. Not only a great looking white gold Rolex 1803 Day-Date with an rare black tritium dial. But also some bracelets and very stylish bags.

B&S Rolex-CP-04 1803 WG 06


The pink shopper tote is made by Grahame Fowler and compliments the style of the nato strap and bracelet perfectly! Just a perfect match for a summer breeze.

The big leather bag is a ellen:truijen original. This dutch designer creates beautiful bags made from selected very smooth leather. Such great materials and classic design with a twist. We really love her bags and selected them also for our lifestyle shoot.

B&S Rolex-CP-04 1803 WG 12
B&S Rolex-CP-04 1803 WG 04 B&S Rolex-CP-04 1803 WG 01

B&S Rolex-CP-04 1803 WG 08 B&S-ET-BG- CR04 LR B&S-ET-BG- CR03 LR B&S-ET-BG- CR02 LR IMG_0156_small




So you got all the tools for your urban living… work, fun and style!

Hope you will enjoy this style.

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 Price for this package is € 6450






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Dial type

Rare black tritium dial

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