“Curated” Vintage LV / Rolex love (Sold)

For all you stylish people who love the timeless vintage look at its best.. this one is for you. We are proud to present you this amazing Curated Lifestyle Package with an great Rolex 1600 Datejust. With such an cool killer dial. See the brownish / grey. It changes color all the time. Just pure Sex On Your Wrist. Believe me, as i have been wearing it for weeks every look on your wrist offers a new tone and reflection. Just one of those pieces that gives so much fun for relatively ‘small’ money in the vintage Rolex world. We added a little something to it which makes this watch even a bigger eye candy. An original vintage Louis Vuitton Keepball 55 bag.

BB Datejust 1600 brown 04

Datejust 1600 wrist

B&S Rolex -CP-05 1600 02

foto 3-1

Look at the combination.. see how this vintage look leather nato strap matches the vintage leather from the bag. Match made in Heaven.
Personally i don’t buy new LV bags these days. To fleshy for me… to easy… but a vintage look one shows classic style. It feels like it has seen the world and so many stories to tell. As does the watch…

B&S LVbag + Natostrap 02

Do you see yourself traveling with this set? Men or women of this world…

B&S Rolex -CP-05 1600 04

B&S Rolex -CP-05 1600 11

B&S Rolex -CP-05 1600 05

B&S Rolex -CP-05 1600 10

B&S Rolex -CP-05 1600 09

B&S Rolex -CP-05 1600 08

B&S Rolex -CP-05 1600 07

B&S Rolex -CP-05 1600 12

BB Datejust 1600 brown 02

B&S JP-NV-10 20mm NB&S watch on Leather Nato 02

BB Datejust 1600 brown 03

BB Datejust 1600 brown 01

We also added some extra products to this package… a set of Happy Beads bracelets.  A cool handmade leather nato strap. So you can change look now and then. And of course a little Bulang & Sons notebook to write down all these stories you find on your way with your new watch and bag. Enjoy.

All packed in one package…

Curated Rolex 1600 Datejust:

– Rolex 1600 white with steel bracelet
– Handmade italian  leather nato strap
– Happy Beads bracelet set
– vintage knife
– pencil and notebook

Hope you will enjoy this style.

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price is 3595 euro




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