“Curated” Ultimate Maxi Black Magic (Sold)

For all you stylish people who love black… this one is for you. We are proud to present you this amazing Curated Lifestyle Package with an great Rolex 1680 Submariner. But we added a little something to it which makes this watch even a bigger eye candy.

These late 70th 1680’s have the Maxi indexes just like the 5513/5512 Submariners. But with the normal plexi crystal those fat big plots keep kind of hidden. Now comes the magic… we added an #39 superdomed plexi normally used on seadwellers; and pop the indexes are just pure eye-candy. Like an rare 5512 Maxi Mk1.

B&S Rolex W-14 1680 :13 02
So you get an Submariner with looks that combine the best of both worlds. Classic Submariner case… Maxi Mk1 5512 looks (4-lines of text) plus a date function. Which now is less dominant (more like 1665 Seadweller). And all in a very comfortable size and feel on the wrist like a vintage Submariner. What more sex on your wrist can you ask for? Of course we add the original 1680 crystal to the package. The dial is all tritium and flawless. The pearl of the insert has been changed in service in the past and is lumina. The inlay is nicely faded towards blueish dark grey. Which adds to the great vintage look.


B&S Rolex W-14 1680 :13 07 B&S Rolex W-14 1680 :13 06 B&S Rolex W-14 1680 :13 03B&S Rolex W-14 1680 :13 01B&S Rolex W-14 1680 :13 20 B&S Rolex W-14 1680 :13 18



But we did not stop with that….

Vintage watches, lifestyle and fashion are all interconnected. If you appreciate the design of a beautiful watch, you’ll probably love the feeling of a handmade leather bag, a classic car, a pair of great shoes or sneakers. It’s all about mixing and matching, living live to the fullest and staying true to yourself. The right watches and lifestyle products don’t just retain their value, they add color to your life and make your life’s story something interesting to look back upon.


B&S Rolex W-14 1680 :13 09 B&S Rolex W-14 1680 :13 10B&S Rolex W-14 1680 :13 12


We added a super nice black bag from Dutch designer ellen:truijen. She creates amazing bags made out of local leather and in timeless distinct designs. This bag can travel with you and for sure will look great with some your black suit or jeans.


B&S-ET-BG- BL05 LR B&S Rolex W-14 1680 :13 17 B&S Rolex W-14 1680 :13 16


B&S ET-BG-01


We also added some extra products to this package… a  great handmade leather pouch to protect your watch.  And a cool handmade leather nato strap. So you can change look now and then.


B2B_6847 kopie

B&S Rolex W-14 1680 :13 11


And last but not least we added a super cool vintage American Optical Aviator sunglasses.

B&S Rolex W-14 1680 :13 13

American Optical sunglasses made their debut as early as the 1930s. However, it was in 1958 that the Flight Goggle 58, now known as the Original Pilot Sunglass, was produced for the US Military to provide maximum protection, optical performance and comfort. More than 40 years have passed and the Original Pilot Sunglass is still the preferred aviator sunglass of all US Military branches.
In fact, the Original Pilot Sunglass was honored to be the first ever sunglass to be brought up to the moon with the crew of the “Eagle” lunar landing in 1969. It was subsequently featured in the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington, DC.

But you will also know them from many movies like Top Gun, Taxi Driver and Apocalypse Now….





And of course you will also get the normal #127 Plexi for the Rolex 1680 with the package… to be able to return to the classic look …

1680 matte sale 05:13 12

1680 matte sale 05:13 10

1680 matte sale 05:13 07

1680 matte sale 05:13 06

1680 matte sale 05:13 04

1680 matte sale 05:13 02

All packed in one package…

Curated Rolex 6263 Daytona:

– Rolex 1680 white with steel bracelet
– #39 superdomed plexi (value 350 euro)
– Handmade italian  leather nato strap
– Ellen:truijen black
– Handmade leather watch pouch
– vintage American Optical sunglasses
– pencil holder
Hope you will enjoy this style.

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