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“Curated” Dark Brown Wandering (Rolex 5512 Maxi Mk1) (Sold)

This 5512 is only complete with a curated package form Bulang & Sons. This watch is pure madness! Rolex 5512 Maxi Mk1. But that is not enough for you? Look at this patina!

5512 MXI MK1 hands 03

This curated package comes with an Filson Computer bag (dark Brown) and some special leather goods as a camera strap and a watch pouch (special B&S edition). This watch pouch has been made by an small artisan within Italies Tuscany region. Also you will get an übercool bracelet from Billy Kirk. A great American brand for cool leather goods.

B&S 5512 9:13 Curated package 06

5512 MXI MK1 hands 02 5512 MXI MK1 hands 035512 MXI MK1 hands 06

But this curated package isn’t complete without an vintage Ray-Ban and an cool knife from Duck Duck.. And last but not least I almost forgot about the special bottle opener.

B&S Rolex-CP-01 5512 03 B&S Rolex-CP-01 5512 04 B&S FIL - BB-03

So you got all the tools for your urban living… work, fun and style!

If this package will be delivered at your place you can transform into the wandering guy and enjoy the feeling of a beautiful 5512 and special sorted products. What are you waiting for.

Curated Rolex 5512:

– Rolex 5512 MK
– Leather camera strap
– Filson Briefcase
– Vintage Ray-Ban
– Leather belt
– Special B&S pouch
– Bottle opener
– Vintage knife
– Billy Kirk leather bracelet


Hope you will enjoy this style.

Mail me for any questions and extra info:

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tel:+31 681 028 859

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Model Ref.

5512 Submariner



Dial type

Maxi Mk1

Box and papers


Service Papers



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