Rolex 5513 Submariner (Sold)

About this fine watch

We at Bulang & Sons love the non date Submariner. Every 5513 Sub is amazing in it’s simple beauty. Perfect balanced design and the essence of vintage Rolex for us.

They get harder and harder to find. Just nice and sexy 5513 Submariners. And this one is sexy for sure. It ain’t a perfect untouched watch. But it sure is pure sex on the wrist.With it’s tropic #39 on top. Super-Super domed looks. A brownish inlay (maybe not natural.. but well it looks killer!). And we put a italian handmade leather strap on top. What a cool look!

The case will have seen some polish in the past but is still nice and fat. Watch is running fine.

To complete the looks we add some extra bonus to the watch. You will not only get a style-matching I-phone pouch with it. Canvas/leather. So cool. But also we will deliver this watch with a real nice Oskar Gydell bracelet. Love those and decided to retail them.

Hope you will enjoy our styling. As we love collecting lifestyle.

With every watch we sell .. we add a little notebook. Because we strongly belief the watches is being part of our personally story. So wright it down. And keep the watch on your path with you…

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ft-first matte dial

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€ 4750 (excl. shipping)