Of Boys and Men

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Create your own personal style…

This year’s ultimate cinema hit is Boyhood, a masterpiece by Richard Linklater that spans more than a decade, chronicling one boy’s journey from boyhood to adulthood. We follow young Mason from the age of six through until the moment he graduates from high school, ready to face the life that lies ahead. Boyhood is all about the development of an individual consciousness; from its first stirrings of self-awareness to the moment when it asserts its own identity…of Boys and Men.


For decades, cinema has been the pre-eminent look-book, where people have been inspired by style icons to develop different identities. Paul Newman, James Dean and Steve McQueen, to mention but a few, have had an enduring influence on modern men’s fashion where exploring and defining a personal style has become increasingly important. We no longer opt for just jeans and a t-shirt for the casual-not-yet-completely-grown-up look nor do lawyers and accountants just go for dime-a- dozen suits for their look. So, watch a handful of classic movies, combine the timeless styles with contemporary fashion items and then add your own personal touch.


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It’s a sense of personal style that makes the difference. As self-conscious and slightly idealistic, we aspire to a world where people leave a legacy through the creation of their own story. We don’t believe in products that define our identity; we believe in products that wear the life story of the person who values it and considers it an integral part of his or her life. Like the traditional and complex craft of Japanese blades: it was said that a sword would contain the personality of the smith who forged it. Only this fact gave the product its inestimable value. Therefore, keep the best of both worlds; create your own individual style without losing the influence of those precious early boyhood years.


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