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— Designer Ellen Truijen makes leather bags and accessoires that stand out because of their simplicity and detailing where the emphasis is on the different leather qualities used.

With Ellen Truijen we complete our set of products. Based in Maastricht she creates these beautiful bags for women and men.  Check out our selection of ellen:truijen bags in our store. Before venturing into bag design, Truijen worked, amongst other things, as a professional dancer and prop designer in the fashion industry. She started developing her ideas for bags in the year 2000 and soon found friends and aquaintances eager to get their hands on one of her designs. This prompted her to start thinking about a collection and she founded her own label, Ellen Truijen in 2002.

Together with Ellen and her husband (Rob Truijen from Caramel) we did the photoshoot for Bulang & Sons. Ellen did the styling and Rob was our photographer. We are very pleased to team up with these talented people. It was a killer combination. In the future we want to see if we can make some special editions for Bulang & Sons.