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Personalized curated package by Bulang & Sons

Here you will find a selection of curated packages that Bulang & Sons put together with a special selection of products. Each watch has its own style, its own story and therefore its own matching products. The watch might come with a special custom-made bike or a vintage bag or other products that are from a limited edition or are one of a kind. Bulang & Sons will curate these packages and add a world of lifestyle around every individual watch for you. Do you see a watch in our store that you would like to make part of a curated package? We’ll do just that. If you already own a special watch; we can also make a complete personalized curated lifestyle package based on your current watch! Just contact us.

Rolex 5513 Pre-Comex Dial Submariner from 1977

Yet another of our all time favorites … the 5513! This time we have a very nice case combined with the famous ‘Pre-Comex’ dial version. With the typical smudged crown and typography. A great looking watch and freshly serviced by our watchmaker. And you get this...