How to sell your watch via B&S

Their are various ways we can help you. Either we buy the watch directly or we can sell it in consignment. We have a great network of collectors who consult us to find their watches. Send me an email to and we can discuss the further details.

Can you help me to find my watch?

Off course I can help you with that! In the last 8 years i have helped numerous people, from those who wanted to find their first vintage Rolex up to collectors who searched for their rare grail pieces. So please contact us and we will be ready to help.

I have suggestions for selling a brand.

Hi, we are always open to ideas. So please email us with your suggestions.

I have a brand and want to know if you are interested in my product?

Hi, we are always looking for great new products to complement our collection. So please email us with your information.