Collecting lifestyle and fashion

by bulang - Sep 13 2013


Vintage watches, lifestyle and fashion are all interconnected. If you appreciate the design of a beautiful watch, you’ll probably love the feeling of a handmade leather bag, a classic car, a pair of great shoes or sneakers. It’s all about mixing and matching, living live to the fullest and staying true to yourself. The right watches and lifestyle products don’t just retain their value, they add color to your life and make your life’s story something interesting to look back upon. I am only at the beginning of this journey… so much more to come in the future…

To give you a glimpse of the collecting lifestyle world of the mix and match of Bulang & Sons check out the collection of images shown here…getting greedy already?

B&S styleguide 02

We can’t stop to give you that visual crack of the Bulang & Sons look.

B&S styleguide 01