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About Bulang & Sons

Bulang & Sons is an online boutique which harmoniously combines modern craftsmanship with desirable, collectable vintage watches.

In a world dominated by uniformity and disposability we at Bulang & Sons earnestly seek unique, artisan products that are handmade with passion. Our ‘Essentials for Urban Survival’ product range is designed to compliment your lifestyle. Each piece shares with you its emotion and soul, and yearns to be further enhanced by the life story and life style that is yours and yours alone.

In the world of Bulang & Sons, watches represent individuality, heritage and originality. In Bulang’s own words, “Vintage Rolexes give me the ultimate La Dolce Vita feeling. An image forms before my eyes of a man from the 1960s on the Côte d’Azur. My vintage Rolex Submariner has already hung from a person’s wrist and witnessed part of their life. That man may even have been wearing this watch when he met the love of his life. Maybe he purchased the watch using his first pay cheque, or perhaps it was a gift from his father. I have so much admiration for people who have cherished a product for years. This demonstrates great respect and then you pass it on”
This curated combination of modern design and timeless classics makes the Bulang & Sons boutique a unique, ever-evolving conceptual hub of creativity and passion.

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Here at Bulang & Sons, we want you to feel as though you are a part of our team. We want you to cherish every moment of your Bulang & Sons experience and we will gladly offer guidance on purchases from watch straps through to bespoke and exclusive ‘lifestyle packages’ and ‘fine vintage watch collections’ that can be curated on your behalf.


Bernhard Bulang, Creative Director says “For me vintage watches are synonymous with quality, value and durability and it’s my personal ambition to bring the world of watches, design and lifestyle together. I was already reaching out to enthusiasts with my personal blog 100percentrolex and in recent years have helped countless people make their first steps into the vintage Rolex world. I also started to organize the famous Passion meetings (together with my friend Philipp Stahl), for a small, dedicated group of Rolex passionado’s that have become good friends during the years. Being an entrepreneur (I have my own design agency) I feel it is now time to bring all these initiatives together in one concept: Bulang & Sons.”

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