Strap Guide – The Rolex Datejust White

by bulang - Jan 25 2018

Welcome to the Bulang and Sons Strap Guide. Our aim is to showcase some of our most popular straps on a range of iconic watches so you can see how the different combinations work.

The White Rolex DJ

The Datejust is one of Rolex’s most enduring models and each year, as collectors search for the next hot trend, the once humble DJ becomes more and more collectible. For collectors, the Datejust offers both good value and also a versatility of choice due to the vast array of dials that were fitted to these watches. Today we are guiding you through the different choices for a clean and classic white dial 1603.

Elegant and sporty, rugged and refined – the Datejust does it all. We have chosen a 1603, with beautiful reeded bezel and Tropic 21 cyclops-free crystal, to showcase how easy it is to change this watch’s character. The rugged two piece buckle strap in camo or side stitch vintage leather is a look for the weekends in the wilds or sitting by the fire. The elegant selection of edge stitch straps make your DJ the perfect partner for your DJ. Want to race your car in your 1603? Why not pop it on a Newman collection strap? Whichever way you want to rock, we have fine selection of 20mm straps to suit your Datejust.

Buying your perfect strap couldn’t be easier – click on your favourite combination and you will be directed to the product in our shop, where you can easily check out.

20mm – Piombo Grey Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Dark Grey Silky Suede Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Lumberjack Brown Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Blue Ink Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Black Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Cognac Brown Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Grey Silky Suede Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Newman Taupe Grey Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Newman Rich Black Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Newman Natural Cosaro Brown Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Camo Grey Suede Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Caramel Brown Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Croco Black Leather Watch Strap

20mm – Refined Light Brown Suede Watch Strap

20mm – Siena Brown Leather Watch Strap